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"Pink here. First off, I hate you. Second, a little history. I created this guild in February of 2007 with some IRL friends of mine that worked at a semiconductor.  We started off as a 10 man and gradually moved into 25's in Gruuls/SSC/TK.  Don't ask me how I was chosen Raid Leader (probably my natural born leading skillz <3). We've been raiding 25 man content competively since then."


More than five years later, H A T E D is still raiding on Darkspear.  Though our raid times have never changed, we have evolved into a 10 man raiding group as opposed to continuing with 25 mans.  Adding the touch of Pinkranger nostalgia really shows what a preservering and dedicated guild H A T E D has been from the very beginning.  We hope to continue progressing and to work our way towards the top of the ranks.


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Hello?!?.....Is anybody out there?!?

by Pinkranger, 35 days ago

God......I still LOVE this site!

For those of you not on the Facebook train,  Here is the post I made on our HATED page regarding the new kickass game Wildstar.'re welcome.


Whats Up H A T E D!!!
Soooooo ya'll hear of Wildstar?!?
It's a new MMO that just recently Launched.......And its........VERY promising!!! 
It features; 
- A mostly skill-shot combat system, with few targeted abilities. It uses a system of "telegraphs" that show abilities areas that you have to dodge or make sure to be IN (for telegraph heals!). The system keeps you on your toes! No more "target mob, press 1-2-3, loot corpse!".
- THE HOLY TRINITY!!! Dps, Heals, and tanks! I've played a few MMO's since wow that tried to run off of a tankless, or lack of a dedicated healer system. Pardon my language.......but FUCKING GROSS! Wildstar has the good Ol' triangle of rolls. There are 6 classes, all of which can DPS. 3 of them can then choose to tank, and the other 3 can choose to heal. Different specs/stats/abilities for each role. Can you guess which role I'm playing? 
-ZOM-unGODLY customizable player housing! You ever played the sims? Yea. It's basically ridiculous the amount of different things you can customize in your house. You can place decor items WHEREVER YOU WANT! You collect decor items from drops from mobs, challenges, there's even a profession focused around crafting stuff for your home! It's very integrated and awesome! You can place a mining plot on your land that will spawn nodes you can mine, a farm you can grow herbs on (HELLLOOOO FARMVILLE!!!) and harvest. On top of can GO to your friends houses!!! They can even turn on a setting that will allow them to harvest your plots for you while they are there! There are all sorts of different plots for your home, some meant JUST for RPing, others that provide buffs/items/challenges, I just finished a dungeon last night where the last boss dropped a FABkit (There's a different fabkit for each different plot) that basically created a mini dungeon for me and up to 4 others to complete on my land! My own little MINI-INSTANCE!!! It's freaking insane!
- Can you say.......HARDCORE RAIDING! From what I've read on Reddit.....and from videos posted on their OFFICIAL site........the raiding in wildstar is going to be HARDCORE! 5 man dungeons, 20 and 40 man raiding! Idk about you.........but I NEVER thought I'd EVER see 40 man raiding in an MMO again........I had put it out of my head and wrote it off as something I would never get to see. Looks like I was wrong. Some of the oldschool raid developers from WoW are on the wildstar crew, and are promising some of the MOST difficult and rewarding raiding experiences ever! As I'm not max level, I can't really comment on raiding. However I have done a few entree level dungeons (first one is at level 20) and can say that they have been more difficult then some Cataclysm heroics! You die on trash, mechanics are important, CC is important. Output is important. Skill is important. Don't believe me.....try it!

There are so many features, from MOUNT CUSTOMIZATION (You want to attach a stuffed animal on your mount, go for it!) to dyes, adult themed text, PvP battlegrounds and arenas starting at level 6! Let me throw you guys a couple links to checkout if you're looking for something to do in some spare time! Kevin and I are playing it together, and our in game guild "H A T E D" would love some more familiar faces!


I've got some Guest passes, which will allow you to play for 7 days I think for free! If I haven't convinced you its worth your time and you wanna give it a shot let me know!"


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