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"Pink here. First off, I hate you. Second, a little history. I created this guild in February of 2007 with some IRL friends of mine that worked at a semiconductor.  We started off as a 10 man and gradually moved into 25's in Gruuls/SSC/TK.  Don't ask me how I was chosen Raid Leader (probably my natural born leading skillz <3). We've been raiding 25 man content competively since then."


More than five years later, H A T E D is still raiding on Darkspear.  Though our raid times have never changed, we have evolved into a 10 man raiding group as opposed to continuing with 25 mans.  Adding the touch of Pinkranger nostalgia really shows what a preservering and dedicated guild H A T E D has been from the very beginning.  We hope to continue progressing and to work our way towards the top of the ranks.


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